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Dues FAQs

What are the current member dues?
Concert Band$120
Jazz Band$90
Concert Band + Jazz Band$150
Marching BandNo Dues

Monthly payments are available.​

Why does GFBLA collect dues?

We spend money on rehearsals, performances, artistic staff payroll, social events, technology, storage space, and other costs to support our mission of music and inclusion. Member dues are one way we support the organization and help cover the cost of participation.

Are dues increasing in 2024?

The Board of Directors made the decision to increase dues for several reasons. First, costs have increased for many needs, including rehearsal, venue, and storage spaces. Second, dues offset the costs of member participation. According to our financial reports, the cost per member in 2022 was approximately $918. Third, the amount of dues is fair and reasonable compared to other community music ensembles. Some of our sister pride bands have dues of $300-400 per year.

This increase is one of several avenues the Board is taking to secure the GFBLA’s financial future against rising costs in all areas of the Band’s service. We understand this is a sensitive topic for many people, and we do not want anyone to be excluded from participating in GFBLA activities because of dues.

I need some financial assistance. Are scholarships available?

We do not want anyone to be excluded from participation in the band because of dues. We understand that not everyone can afford to pay dues. We have full and partial scholarships available- please apply if you need them. Please click here to confidentially apply for a scholarship.

How can I pay my dues?

Dues can be paid online through the GFBLA website or by cash, check, or credit card at rehearsal. Credit card and electronic payments will incur a small transaction fee.

GFBLA Website: Log into your member account. Click “Choose a Membership Level.” Select your desired membership type. Submit your payment information then check out. Online dues payments are processed via Stripe and will incur a transaction fee of 2.9% plus 30¢.

Check: Checks should be made out to “The Freedom Band Foundation of Los Angeles.”

When is the deadline to pay dues?

February 1st of every year. Current members are expected to pay annual dues, sign up for monthly dues payments, or apply for a scholarship by this date each year.

Do new members need to pay dues?

New members may try the band for one month at no cost. After the trial period, new members are expected to pay dues for the current calendar year or sign up for monthly dues payments. New members joining midway through the year may prefer monthly payments as to “prorate” their first year dues.

For how long are dues valid?

Annual dues are paid for the current calendar year. Monthly dues are valid until canceled.

How do I cancel a monthly dues plan?

Please email to cancel your monthly payment.

I have other questions or concerns. Who do I talk to?

Please contact Austin Bergquist, Director of Membership, at